Updated 2021
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Customer Supplied Motor Balancing
Armature Inspection/Balancing

Looking to build a race car using a factory Aurora armature?  Send me your favorite Aurora Factory Stock Armatures and I will
perform the following services for you to maximize performance out of your motor:

1) Visual Inspection: I visually inspect the armature for any obvious flaws that would impede it's performance.

2) Electrical Checks: Measure for uniform resistance (ohms) across all armature poles and test for electrical shorts.

3) Shaft Inspection/Polishing: Measure the shaft for straightness, adjust if necessary, and polish it.

4) Commutator Plate Truing: Measure the commutator plate for perpendicularity (run-out) to the shaft, adjust if necessary, and
polish it.

5) Stack Truing: True the pole faces (stacks) for concentricity to the shaft, and even air gaps between magnets. (Note: this is
done on a lathe for precision turning, not a Dremel Tool.)

6) Epoxy Balancing: Balance the armature with Epoxy.

NOTE: I do not balance armatures by removing material from the pole faces. I epoxy balance only.